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When you purchase an avatar of The PANO Mob, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a rare art piece....You become a member of the PANO X Club! Gain access to exclusive benefits and offerings and values will increase over time. Your PANO Mob avatar can serve as your digital identity & open digital doors for you.

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The PANO MOB Genisis NFT Collection

The Scarlett Pumpernel
Grail Limited Edition: 5
He is from the Village of the Hallows theme park and stars in the Adventures of the Scarlet Pumpernel Attraction.

Queen Mei Mei
Legenday  Limited Edition: 25 
Mochi Queen Mei Mei is a villain found in the Tokyo in Anime theme park. She comes from planet Malice to take away all of the sweetness away. Who said villains can't be cute!

The Missing Link
Rare Limited Edition: 45  
The Missing Link is our resident Big Foot and can be found in the Monsterland theme park.

Phase 1 - Limited to ONLY 250 NFTs
What’s so special about these NFTs, besides being gorgeous? 

Are you sitting down?
You will profit from the future merchandising of the image throughout our PANO Metaverse!


  • The NFT art itself

  • The avatar of your NFT’s character to use throughout PANO.

  • PANO X Club Membership -
    1 Year of Exclusive Club Benefits
    Exclusive Merchandise, Exclusive Events, Participate in Beta Launch and so much more! X Marks the spot for entry into the Club on top of the Alexandria Library!

  • AND A percentage of the net profits from any merchandise featuring that character image which we create to be sold in AND outside of PANO – for the next 10 years!

Sir Walter Raleigh
Epic Limited Edition: 10 
One of the 3 resident Headless Ghosts of Panopolis that Haunt the Village of the Hallows theme park,

Jash Lupus
Common Limited Edition: 65  
You can find him in the Monsterland theme park. He is also the star of our Pano Publishing story, The Werewolf of Bedburg.

Uncommon Limited Edition: 100  
He is the manager of the Crash Site Social Club in Area 66. You can find him in the Area 66 theme park.

Fair Distribution & Fair Launch

Fair Launch, fair distribution: All of The PANO MOB avatars will be released in small groups which will make them even more rare. 

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Road Map Activations

Gain additional benefits through Road Map Activations. STAY TUNED!

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